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ScarCruft's Evolving Arsenal: Researchers Reveal New Malware Distribution Techniques
2023-03-22 12:24

The North Korean advanced persistent threat actor dubbed ScarCruft is using weaponized Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files to download additional malware.

"The group is constantly evolving its tools, techniques, and procedures while experimenting with new file formats and methods to bypass security vendors," Zscaler researchers Sudeep Singh and Naveen Selvan said in a new analysis published Tuesday.

Last month, ASEC disclosed a campaign that employed HWP files that take advantage of a security flaw in the Hangul word processing software to deploy a backdoor referred to as M2RAT. But new findings reveal the threat actor is also using other file formats such as CHM, HTA, LNK, XLL, and macro-based Microsoft Office documents in its spear-phishing attacks against South Korean targets.

"The threat actor was able to maintain a GitHub repository, frequently staging malicious payloads for more than two years without being detected or taken down," Zscaler researchers said.

Outside of malware distribution, ScarCruft has also been observed serving credential phishing webpages targeting multiple email and cloud services such as Naver, iCloud, Kakao,, and

The use of CHM files to smuggle malware appears to be catching on with other North Korea-affiliated groups as well, with ASEC uncovering a phishing campaign orchestrated by Kimsuky to distribute a backdoor responsible for harvesting clipboard data and recording keystrokes.

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