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Top Illicit Carding Marketplace UniCC Abruptly Shuts Down
2022-01-14 17:31

A top underground market for buying and selling stolen credit-card details, UniCC, has announced it's shutting down operations.

The site accounted for about 30 percent of carding scam business and, since it was launched in 2013, handled about $358 million in cryptocurrency transactions, according to the Elliptic Threat Intel team, which published the announcement from UniCC leadership.

"Our team retires," the UniCC leadership posted on underground carding sites in both English and Russian.

UniCC's business was booming after the December 2020 takedown of Joker's Stash, formerly the carding marketplace of choice.

The departures could be a reaction to law-enforcement activities, the Elliptic Threat Team said, but it's just as likely underground carding marketplace admins are using the chaos to make off with their users' account balances.

"As UniCC retires, focus will now be on who emerges as the main successor. Meanwhile, the operators behind UniCC will be seeking to cash out their formidable profits."

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