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Microsoft's Responsible Vulnerability Discosure, The New Non-Issue
2001-11-12 09:43

Forwarded from: security curmudgeon Microsoft's Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure, The New Non-Issue Sat Nov 10 03:00:48 MST 2001 by Jericho (security curmudgeon) For almost a decade, a debate over the concept of Full Disclosure has reared its ugly head. Carried out on BBSs, newsgroups, security conferences, mail lists, parties, coffee shops and everywhere else, the Full Disclosure debate can be called "long standing" to say the least. As with everything in the computer industry before, Microsoft is doing nothing new here. Like many times before, Microsoft is re-inventing the wheel and opting for something other than round. The debate and issues at hand are complex and go back a long way. Short of writing a small book, I can't address every issue I would like to. The following article addresses some of the bigger issues. [...] (please see the HTML copy for the full article and snazzy images!) - ISN is currently hosted by To unsubscribe email majordomo () attrition org with 'unsubscribe isn' in the BODY of the mail.

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