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ISP thwarts would-be hacker in Asia
2001-01-01 18:06,1643,500295084-500469501-503169537-0,00.html Agence France-Presse DHAKA, Bangladesh (December 31, 2000 7:48 p.m. EST - A hacker tried to wreak electronic havoc in Bangladesh by overloading a new Internet service with 450,000 messages, it was reported Sunday. The hacker, identified as Angel, sent the messages on December 26, the Daily Star said, quoting a statement from the recently launched Gonophone. Neel Zoardar of Gonophone first noticed "unusual activity" in the network on Tuesday midnight and detected the hacker, the statement said. It added that Gonophone's system was designed and built to detect and withstand the "most vicious attack by any abuser." ISN is hosted by --- To unsubscribe email LISTSERV () SecurityFocus com with a message body of "SIGNOFF ISN".

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