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Strengthening cybersecurity preparedness with defense in depth
2024-07-11 04:00

In this Help Net Security interview, Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer at Gigamon, discusses cybersecurity preparedness measures for businesses, the impact of international inconsistencies on global operations, and the board's role in cybersecurity.

Practicing defence in depth through layered security monitoring and tooling can prepare organisations to detect suspicious behaviour within a system and react fast, before threat actors can access the most sensitive data and operations.

The key to making cyber preparedness a genuine boardroom conversation lies in being able to speak pragmatically about the ROI of security plans, whilst showing a downtrend in risk.

The CIS Risk Assessment Model and CIS Security Controls Metrics map the principles of the universally respected NIST framework onto high level pillars, allowing security to be discussed and understood by business leaders.

If leaders don't understand the multitude of risks and tactics facing their security teams, it becomes hard to truthfully report and remediate gaps in security posture.

Organisations often invest in multiple security tools without seeing much impact, to the extent that 70 percent of CISOs don't believe their tools are even effective at detecting breaches.

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