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Yacht dealer to the stars attacked by Rhysida ransomware gang
2024-03-21 15:30

The Rhysida ransomware group claims it was responsible for the cyberattack at US luxury yacht dealer MarineMax earlier this month.

Rhysida this week posted a snippet of the data it claims to have stolen from MarineMax to its website, but the montages of documents don't clearly or conclusively reveal their nature.

In the usual double extortion ransomware scenario, the attacker requests a ransom, then dumps the stolen data online if the victim doesn't pay.

Rhysida would still likely make the data public if it doesn't receive a bid to its satisfaction - the current price is set at 15 Bitcoin - but the auction offers a potential plan B payout that other groups rarely utilize.

If the data stolen by Rhysida did indeed include this kind of information, it would be easy to make a case for it being valued at 15 Bitcoin, given the potential phishing and financial fraud campaigns that miscreants could carry out.

Keen readers of El Reg will remember that Rhysida was responsible for the attack on the British Library last year - one from which the national institution is still trying to recover.

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