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LockBit claims ransomware attack on Fulton County, Georgia
2024-02-14 23:07

The LockBit ransomware gang claims to be behind the recent cyberattack on Fulton County, Georgia, and is threatening to publish "Confidential" documents if a ransom is not paid.

Fulton County has a population of a little over one million and it is the largest county in Georgia and the home of the state capital, Atlanta.

In a press conference today, prompted by the hackers' posting Fulton County as a victim on their website, Pitt confirmed the ransomware attack.

On Tuesday, the LockBit ransomware group claimed responsibility for the attack on Fulton County saying, publishing 25 screenshots to prove they had gained access to the county's systems and that they had stolen sensitive data.

The threat actor's has set a deadline of February 16 for Fulton County before they begin to leak data.

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