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CISA: Roundcube email server bug now exploited in attacks
2024-02-12 19:03

CISA warns that a Roundcube email server vulnerability patched in September is now actively exploited in cross-site scripting attacks.

The security flaw is a persistent cross-site scripting bug that lets attackers access restricted information via plain/text messages maliciously crafted links in low-complexity attacks requiring user interaction.

CISA also ordered U.S. Federal Civilian Executive Branch agencies to secure Roundcube webmail servers against this security bug within three weeks, by March 4, as mandated by a binding operational directive issued in November 2021.

The JavaScript payload dropped in the October attacks allowed the Russian hackers to steal emails from compromised Roundcube webmail servers belonging to government entities and think tanks in Europe.

The same bug was used by the Russian APT28 cyber-espionage group, part of Russia's General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, to breach Roundcube email servers belonging to the Ukrainian government.

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