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Lockbit ransomware disrupts emergency care at German hospitals
2023-12-27 21:05

German hospital network Katholische Hospitalvereinigung Ostwestfalen has confirmed that recent service disruptions at three hospitals were caused by a Lockbit ransomware attack.

It severely impacted the systems that support the operations of three hospitals in Bielefeld, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, and Herford, Germany.

"Unknown actors have gained access to the systems of the IT infrastructure of the hospitals and have encrypted data," reads the machine-translated announcement from the hospital.

The above hospitals play a critical role in providing healthcare services in their respective locations, so a cyberattack impacting their IT systems could have dire repercussions for people in medical emergencies.

Emergency care is unavailable in the three KHO hospitals, so people urgently needing medical care are diverted elsewhere, possibly resulting in critical delays.

Ardent hospital ERs disrupted in 6 states after ransomware attack.

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