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Tor Project removes relays because of for-profit, risky activity
2023-11-21 01:06

The Tor Project has explained its recent decision to remove multiple network relays that represented a threat to the safety and security of all Tor network users.

Tor network relays are routing points that help anonymize the original traffic source through the Tor network by receiving and passing on encrypted data to the next node.

Tor Project discovered that some relay operators engaged in a high-risk, for-profit cryptocurrency scheme that promised monetary gains with cryptocurrency tokens without endorsement or approval of The Tor Project.

"We consider these relays to be harmful to the Tor network for a number of reasons, including that certain of the relays do not meet our requirements, and that such financial schemes present a significant threat to the network's integrity and the reputation of our project as they can attract individuals with malicious intent, put users at risk, or disrupt the volunteer-driven spirit that sustains the Tor Community." - Tor Project.

Removing the relays from the network sparked many discussions in the community around relay policies and what constitutes a violation, so the Tor team shed some light about their decision.

BleepingComputer has contacted The Tor Project for more details about the removed relays and the risks they posed to the network but did not receive a reply.

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