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Rhysida ransomware gang: We attacked the British Library
2023-11-20 12:05

The Rhysida ransomware group says it's behind the highly disruptive October cyberattack on the British Library, leaking a snippet of stolen data in the process.

The Register approached the British Library for comment but it did not reply.

Responding to a question via social media regarding potential data theft, the British Library said on November 15 that it still wasn't aware of the full extent of the attack.

Rhysida's claims of being behind the attack come weeks after the British Library first confirmed the incident, and one week after it was confirmed as ransomware - an indication that negotiations may have broken down.

"Ransomware attacks naturally come with a negotiation phase immediately after the attack which can take time to find the sweet spot," Jake Moore, global cybersecurity expert at ESET, told The Register.

"When a group leaves it some time to claim their crimes, it can usually mean that such negotiations have been going back and forth fighting for the right price from both sides. Seen as a model, Rhysida are likely to have not been paid the ransom they have finally demanded and are now pushing out the next phase of the attack by threatening the release of data."

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