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FBI and CISA warn of opportunistic Rhysida ransomware attacks
2023-11-15 17:46

The FBI and CISA warned today of Rhysida ransomware gang's opportunistic attacks targeting organizations across multiple industry sectors.

"Threat actors leveraging Rhysida ransomware are known to impact 'targets of opportunity,' including victims in the education, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and government sectors," the two agencies noted.

Rhysida malicious actors are known for phishing attacks and exploiting Zerologon, a critical vulnerability enabling Windows privilege escalation within Microsoft's Netlogon Remote Protocol.

The FBI and CISA add that affiliates associated with the Vice Society ransomware group, tracked by Microsoft as Vanilla Tempest or DEV-0832, have transitioned to using Rhysida ransomware payloads during their attacks.

Network defenders are advised to apply mitigations outlined in today's joint advisory to minimize the likelihood and severity of ransomware incidents like Rhysida.

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