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Microsoft Authenticator now blocks suspicious MFA alerts by default
2023-11-07 15:40

Microsoft has introduced a new protective feature in the Authenticator app to block notifications that appear suspicious based on specific checks performed during the account login stage.

Microsoft Authenticator is an app that provides multi-factor authentication, password auto-fill, and password-less sign-in to Microsoft accounts.

For additional security, Microsoft introduced "Number matching" in May, a mechanism where the user must enter a number displayed on the sign-in screen into their Authenticator app to approve the login.

To fight this malicious activity, Microsoft added new features that scrutinize details on login attempts, like if the request comes from an unfamiliar location or shows signs of anomalous activity, to blocks the notification from showing up.

Since the roll-out of the new feature completed at the end of September, Microsoft has blocked over six million MFA notifications suspected to have been initiated by hackers.

Retool blames breach on Google Authenticator MFA cloud sync feature.

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