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Security Vulnerability of Switzerland’s E-Voting System
2023-10-17 11:11

Switzerland-not low stakes-uses online voting for national elections.

Like any internet voting system, it has inherent security vulnerabilities: if there are malicious insiders, they can corrupt the vote count; and if thousands of voters' computers are hacked by malware, the malware can change votes as they are transmitted.

The Swiss Post e-voting system aims to protect your vote against vote manipulation and interference.

The goal is to achieve this even if your own computer is infected by undetected malware that manipulates a user vote.

Basically, in his malware-manipulated website, instead of displaying the verification codes for the voter to compare with what's on the paper, the website asks the voter to enter the verification codes into a web form.

Of course, Kuster did not employ a botnet virus to distribute his malware to real voters! He keeps it contained on his own system and demonstrates it in a video.

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