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Organizations spend 100 hours battling post-delivery email threats
2023-05-30 03:00

The research shows that cybercriminals continue to barrage organizations with targeted email attacks, and many companies are struggling to keep up.

While spear-phishing attacks are low-volume, they are widespread and highly successful compared to other types of email attacks.

On average, organizations take nearly 100 hours to identify, respond to, and remediate a post-deliver email threat - 43 hours to detect the attack and 56 hours to respond and remediate after the attack is detected.

Highly effective email attacks target remote workers.

Companies with more than a 50% remote workforce also reported that it takes longer to both detect and response to email security incidents - 55 hours to detect and 63 hours to response and mitigate, compared to an average of 36 hours and 51 hours respectively for organizations with fewer remote workers.

"To help stay ahead of these highly effective email attacks, businesses must invest in account takeover protection solutions with artificial intelligence capabilities. Such tools will have far greater efficacy than rule-based detection mechanisms. Improved efficacy in detection will help stop spear-phishing with reduced response needed during an attack."

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