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GitLab announces AI-DevSecOps platform GitLab 16
2023-05-26 13:38

GitLab announced on Monday the new GitLab 16 platform, an upgraded and comprehensive AI-driven DevSecOps solution.

GitLab 16 includes more than 55 improvements and new features.

In the GitLab 16 AI-DevSecOps platform, the most notable new technologies include the Value Stream Dashboard, the Centralized Policy Management, GitLab Dedicated and AI tools including Refactor this Code and Resolve this Vulnerability.

With GitLab Dedicated, GitLab fully manages and hosts each single-tenant instance with data isolation and residency.

DevSecOps shifting left with innovation and AI. GitLab 16 is a direct response to market demands that call for the consolidation of DevSecOps tools and the use of AI to develop better software and ship it faster.

In a recent blog about GitLab 16, the company highlighted features that build on its AI-assisted features: remote development workspaces, more powerful GitLab SaaS runners and comment templates, as well as its improved AI-powered Code Suggestions.

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