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3 Steps to Automate Your Third-Party Risk Management Program
2023-02-22 11:03

The reasons for the lack of investment into Third Party Risk Management are the same that we consistently hear - lack of time, lack of money and resources, and it's a business need to work with the vendor.

Step 3 - Continuously combine threat exposure findings with the questionnaire exchange #. Security ratings alone don't work.

Using questionnaires alone to assess third parties doesn't work.

Threat exposure management, which incorporates accurate security ratings from the direct assessments, combined with validated questionnaires - where the questionnaire is querying the assessment and updating the security rating - provides you with a powerful solution for continuous Third-Party Risk Management.

Organizations looking to maximize the efficiency of their third-party cyber risk management program should look to add automation to their processes.

FortifyData empowers businesses to manage cyber risk at the organizational level by incorporating automated attack surface assessments, asset classification, risk-based vulnerability management, security ratings, and third-party risk management into an all-in-one cyber risk management platform.

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