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France warns of APT31 cyberspies targeting French organizations
2021-07-21 14:13

Today, the French national cyber-security agency warned of an ongoing series of attacks against a large number of French organizations coordinated by the Chinese-backed APT31 hacking group.

Partage d'IoCs relatifs une campagne d'attaques du mode opératoire APT31 en France.

APT31 is a hacking group working at the behest of the Chinese Government known for its numerous espionage and information theft operations.

Last year, Microsoft observed APT31 attacks targeting the international affairs community and high-profile individuals associated with the Joe Biden presidential campaign.

The same day, the UK added that the Chinese Ministry of State Security is behind Chinese state-backed hacking groups tracked as APT40 and APT31.

Four Ministry of State Security intelligence officers believed to be part of the APT40 threat group were also charged on the same day by the Department of Justice regarding a multi-year campaign targeting governments and organizations from critical sectors worldwide.

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