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Most disaster recovery solutions are not tested on a regular basis
2021-07-08 04:30

As organizations work diligently to support evolving business needs, while at the same time battling cybercrime and other threats to critical data, the majority of disaster recovery solutions are not tested on a regular basis, according to iland.

As the IT estate changes over time, the survey indicated most disaster recovery solutions would not meet recovery objectives.

The state of the disaster recovery plan 54 percent of respondents had a documented, company-wide DR plan in place.

Of the organizations testing less frequently, half said their disaster recovery plan may be inadequate based on their most recent DR test, while 12 percent encountered issues that would result in sustained downtime.

"With the rise in remote work and the frequency and impact of cybercrime growing each year, having a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy in place is critical to ensure organizations can defend, protect and quickly recover from data loss," said Scott Sparvero, CEO at iland.

"As we found in our research, disaster recovery implementations are on the rise, but regular testing is falling behind. This means that as IT teams deploy new resources to support increasing workload requirements, the disaster recovery plan needs to be updated in kind. Regular testing can quickly uncover any potential disaster recovery shortfalls.u". "While many organizations have been slow to embrace the cloud and DRaaS, the study indicates that the pandemic is likely to be accelerating the transition given the increased focus on remote work and access," said Justin Augat, VP of product marketing at iland.

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