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US bans Kaspersky antivirus software due to national security risks
2024-06-21 09:48

The US Department of Commerce has announced an upcoming US-wide ban of cybersecurity and antivirus software by Kaspersky, as its "Ability to gather valuable US business information, including intellectual property, and to gather US persons' sensitive data for malicious use by the Russian Government pose an undue or unacceptable national security risk."

Starting on July 20, 2024, Kaspersky is prohibited from entering into any new agreement with US persons involving its cybersecurity and antivirus products and services.

Starting on September 29, 2024, Kaspersky and/or entities appointed by it must stop providing antivirus signatures and codebase updates, and must stop operating the Kaspersky Security Network in the US or on US persons' IT systems.

"This Final Determination does not apply to transactions involving Kaspersky Threat Intelligence products and services, Kaspersky Security Training products and services, or Kaspersky consulting or advisory services that are purely informational or educational in nature," the US DoC's Bureau of Industry and Security noted.

"In addition to this action, [we have] added three entities-AO Kaspersky Lab and OOO Kaspersky Group, and Kaspersky Labs Limited-to the Entity List for their cooperation with Russian military and intelligence authorities in support of the Russian Government's cyber intelligence objectives."

In 2022, the US Federal Communications Commission placed Kaspersky's products and services on a list of equipment and services that pose a threat to national security.

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