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GenAI can enhance security awareness training
2024-04-24 04:30

This brings us on to our third point, which is that we should not be looking to harness GenAI for security awareness training.

GenAI promises to transform security training for the better.

Gartner predicts that by 2026 those businesses that do combine GenAI with their security behavior and security culture programs will experience 40% less incidents brought about by employees.

The analyst house states that traditional approaches to security training will be replaced by systems that measure behavioral change, facilitated by GenAI. As a result, cybersecurity control frameworks will switch from the compliance-based training we see today to tangible behavior-based measurement in a bid to reduce human risk.

The framework outlines the controls that should then be translated into GenAI policy and cover responsible use, reporting procedures, and dovetail with existing security and data protection policies.

Right now it's GenAI's ability to warp reality that poses the major threat and the best defense against that is effective security training.

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