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Security pioneer Ross Anderson dies at 67
2024-04-03 12:48

Obituary Venerable computer scientist and information security expert Ross Anderson has died at the age of 67.

While it's difficult to label Anderson as a single type of professional since, like many great minds, his interests were as deep as they were broad, it would be fair to describe him as a decorated security expert and celebrated engineer - among the finest and most respected of his time.

His professional work spanned many areas including information security, cryptography, reliability of systems, information hiding, adversarial machine learning, cybercrime analysis, security psychology, and more.

Away from academia, Anderson had a keen interest in information security policy, creating the Foundation for Information Policy Research think tank in 1998.

Frank Stajano, a professor of security and privacy at Cambridge and former PhD student under Anderson, remembered the late academic in a piece published via the blog to which many of the university's brightest security minds contributed, including Anderson.

He formed communities around the new topics he engaged with, from information hiding to fast software encryption, security economics, security and human behaviour and more.

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