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CISOs’ crucial role in aligning security goals with enterprise expectations
2024-01-17 05:00

He outlines the critical skills for CISOs in 2024, addresses the challenges they face, and underscores the importance of aligning enterprise expectations with information protection demands.

' One of the most painful realities for CISOs today is a continuing disconnect between enterprise/agency expectations for their CISO, and, what the CISO is actually tasked and funded to deliver.

The most visible current manifestation of that disconnect is uncertainty-both from the broader C-suite and from CISOs themselves-around the CISO's role in supporting their enterprise's compliance with the updated SEC disclosure rules there are many other examples.

To get to the stages of trusted facilitator and value creator, CISOs need to focus lake a laser on closing the gap between enterprise expectations and what the CISO is actually capable to deliver.

To be sure, cybersecurity is in no small part a lifestyle choice what constitutes work/life balance will be different for every CISO. But, it's clear from years of analysis and experience that most CISOs come into the job believing that "Always-on" is a requirement of the role.

Again, the role is still relatively new in the context of enterprise leadership, and both the understanding of and need for information protection is highly variable across sectors, all of which mean that we're not likely to see the CISO role "Nailed down" any time soon.

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