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New 'MetaStealer' malware targets Intel-based macOS systems
2023-09-12 21:06

A new information stealer malware named 'MetaStealer' has appeared in the wild, stealing a wide variety of sensitive information from Intel-based macOS computers.

Although the malware has some similarities with Atomic Stealer, another Go-based macOS targeting info-stealer, the code overlap is limited, and the delivery methods are different.

SentinelOne found a malware sample on VirusTotal with a comment stating the MetaStealer threat actors are contacting businesses and impersonating the company's clients to distribute the malware.

In its current version, MetaStealer only runs on Intel x86 64 architecture, which means it cannot compromise macOS systems running on Apple Silicon processors unless the victim uses Rosetta to run the malware.

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