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French Firm Centreon Denies 'Damaging' Hacking Claims
2021-02-16 13:58

A major French software firm allegedly targeted by Russian hackers denied Tuesday that its major clients could have been affected by the attack.

Centreon, which lists blue-chip French firms from Airbus to Total among its users, was named in a report by the French national cybersecurity agency ANSSI late Monday.

The agency said Centreon software had been hacked from 2017-2020 by a group using similar methods to the so-called Sandworm network linked to Russian military intelligence.

Centreon said Tuesday that only an old version of its software dating from before 2015, used by open-source developers, had been infiltrated.

The announcement by ANSSI raised alarm that major French firms as well as public sector users of Centreon software might have been compromised.

The Kremlin, which has been accused repeatedly of being responsible for attacks on Western targets, also denied Tuesday that Russian hackers were behind any attack on Centreon.

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