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Reminder... Mac Crypto  Jan 29th - Feb 1st (fwd)
2000-12-29 21:39

---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 09:55:58 -0800 From: Vinnie Moscaritolo To: mac-crypto () vmeng com Cc: rah () shipwright com Subject: Reminder... Mac Crypto Jan 29th - Feb 1st Hi all; Below is a preliminary list of talks scheduled for the Millennium Edition of the Mac Crypto/ Internet commerce workshop. The conference will be held at Apple's Deanza 3 Auditorium from Jan 29th - Feb 1st . I have had a lot of people propose talks but only a few have actually sent me their abstracts. If you are on the list below and would like to correct the abstracts, please send me the updated text. If you are not on the list but plan to talk, then send me the abstract now. thanks. ------------------ Jonathan D. Callas Counterpane Internet Security "The Effect of Anti-Circumvention Provisions on Security" One of the properties of digital Intellectual Property (IP) is that it can be easily reproduced, modified, and transferred. In response, IP owners have created creating new security technologies for controlling the digital works. Inevitably, this creates an opportunity for those who can circumvent those technologies. ------------------- Will Price, Director of Engineering PGP Security, Inc. "PGP Future Directions" Will Price will discuss new technologies in PGP such as Key Reconstruction, Instant Messaging encryption, PGP for Wireless, and future directions of PGP on the MacOS platform. ---------------------- Jean-Luc GIRAUD "Security Architect". Gemplus (, "Introduction to Smartcards" This tutorial gives a general overview of the smartcard technology and its added value for cryptography and security. Classical smartcard concepts (card life cycle, smartcard structure, required infrastructure,...) are covered along with recent ones like open cards (Javacard,...). New applications and potentail security enhancements to MacOS X are given. Finally, the current state of the art in smartcard security is described. A lot of ressources are listed to give attendees the opportunity to access more detailed information. ------------------ Charles Evans , Partner, BEK Ventures, "Secure, Real-Time Financial Transactions Using WebFunds on the Mac." The talk will center on real-world transfer of value in the form of either a) exchange among commodity-back electronic currencies or b) trading of shares in micro-enterprises. -- Vinnie Moscaritolo KF6WPJ ITCB-IMSH PGP: 3F903472C3AF622D5D918D9BD8B100090B3EF042 ------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: POLITICALLY INCORRECT AREA All P.C. Personnel entering these premises will encounter gravely offensive behavior and opinions. (SEC4623. Ministry of political incorrection security act of 1995) RAMPANT INSENSITIVITY AUTHORIZED ISN is hosted by --- To unsubscribe email LISTSERV () SecurityFocus com with a message body of "SIGNOFF ISN".

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