CVE-2005-4346 - Unspecified vulnerability in Anthony Boyd PHPbb Blog 2.2.2

Publication: 2005-12-19

Invalid SQL syntax error in blog.php in phpBB Blog 2.2.2 and earlier allows remote attackers to obtain the full path of the application via an invalid permalink parameter to index.php, which produces an invalid SQL query that leaks the full pathname in a SQL syntax error message. NOTE: this was originally claimed to be SQL injection, but a cleansing step strips all non-digit characters and leaves an empty permalink argument, which leads to the syntax error.

Risk level (CVSS 5)



Access Vector

  • Network
  • Adjacent Network
  • Local

Access Complexity

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


  • None
  • Single
  • Multiple

Confident. Impact

  • Complete
  • Partial
  • None

Integrity Impact

  • Complete
  • Partial
  • None

Affected Products

  • Anthony Boyd Phpbb Blog 2.2.2