Security News

Hacker says hijacking libraries, stealing AWS keys was ethical research
2022-05-25 13:42

The hacker behind this hijack has now broken silence and explained his reasons to BleepingComputer. The hijacker of these libraries is an Istanbul-based security researcher, Yunus Aydın aka SockPuppets, who has attested to the fact when approached by BleepingComputer.

Benchmarking Linux Security – Latest Research Findings
2022-04-18 05:44

How well do your Linux security practices stack up in today's challenging operating environment? Are you following the correct processes to keep systems up-to-date and protected against the latest threats? Now you can find out thanks to research independently conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The research sponsored by TuxCare sought to understand better how organizations are currently managing the security and stability of their Linux-based systems.

Research reveals that IAM is too often permissive and misconfigured
2022-04-14 14:56

New cloud threat research from team Unit 42 at Palo Alto Networks reveals several security issues due to bad permissions handling and misconfiguration, which opens doors wide for threat actors. In cloud environments often composed of more than hundreds or thousands of workloads, every device or machine identity might be a risk for the cloud infrastructure.

New cyberespionage campaign targeting ISPs, research entities
2022-03-24 09:41

ESET Research discovered a still-ongoing cyberespionage campaign using a previously undocumented Korplug variant by the Mustang Panda APT group. The current campaign exploits the war in Ukraine and other European news topics.

Interview with the Head of the NSA’s Research Directorate
2022-02-03 12:01

MIT Technology Review published an interview with Gil Herrera, the new head of the NSA's Research Directorate. The math department, often in conjunction with the computer science department, helps tackle one of NSA's most interesting problems: big data.

Researchers develop CAPTCHA solver to aid dark web research
2022-01-14 18:35

A team of researchers at the Universities of Arizona, Georgia, and South Florida, have developed a machine-learning-based CAPTCHA solver that they claim can overcome 94.4% of real challenges on dark websites. The collection of cyber-threat intelligence from illicit dark web markets and forums becomes challenging and expensive, as employees have to be involved in the CAPTCHA solving step.

University loses 77TB of research data due to backup error
2021-12-30 16:02

The Kyoto University in Japan has lost about 77TB of research data due to an error in the backup system of its Hewlett-Packard supercomputer. The incident occurred between December 14 and 16, 2021, and resulted in 34 million files from 14 research groups being wiped from the system and the backup file.

Intel is Maintaining Legacy Technology for Security Research
2021-11-30 07:28

Intel's issue reflects a wider concern: Legacy technology can introduce cybersecurity weaknesses. This creates a long tail of old products that remain in widespread use, vulnerable to attacks.

Ethical hackers and the economics of security research
2021-11-22 05:30

Bugcrowd released a report which provides CIOs and CISOs valuable insight on ethical hackers and the economics of security research. This comprehensive annual study offers an in-depth look at ethical hackers to reveal how they reduce risk, which industries leverage their expertise most, and what organizations are doing to attract high-performing security researchers to their programs.

Research: Supply chain and COVID-19 challenges forces companies to shift their security strategies
2021-11-11 17:18

64% of survey respondents reported that their companies have concerns about security risks for supply chains. Toss in the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions, and it's no wonder that enterprises are shifting their cybersecurity strategies.