Security News

GE, Dunkin’, Forever 21 Caught Up in Broad Internal Document Leak
2019-12-09 15:28

A PR and marketing provider exposed sensitive data for a raft of big-name companies.

Forever 21 Suffered 7-Month POS Malware Attack
2018-01-03 13:03

Retailer Confirms US Payment Card Data Breach; International Probe ContinuesApparel retailer Forever 21 says point-of-sale systems in some stores were infected by malware for up to seven months,...

Forever 21 Says PoS Systems Exposed Customer Data for 8 Months
2018-01-02 17:04

Fashion retailer updates disclosure on 2017 attack, says hackers targeted point-of-sale terminals that used no encryption.

Forever 21 Payment Systems Infected With Malware for 7 Months
2018-01-02 06:11

Los Angeles-based fashion retailer Forever 21 informed customers last week that some of its payment processing systems had been infected with malware for a period of more than 7 months. read more

Forever 21 Confirms Security Breach Exposed Customer Credit Card Details
2018-01-01 12:33

First notified in November of a data breach incident, popular clothing retailer Forever 21 has now confirmed that hackers stole credit card information from its stores throughout the country for...

Forever 21 Investigating Payment Card Breach
2017-11-15 09:24

Los Angeles-based fashion retailer Forever 21 informed customers on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation into a security incident involving payment systems. The company said it recently...

Forever 21 Warns Shoppers of Payment Card Breach at Some Stores
2017-11-15 04:29

Another day, another data breach. This time a fast-fashion retailer has fallen victim to payment card breach. American clothes retailer Forever 21 announced on Tuesday that the company had...