Security News

Fitbit Spyware Steals Personal Data via Watch Face
2020-10-09 18:58

Kev Breen, director of cyber threat research for Immersive Labs, created a proof-of-concept for just that scenario, after realizing that Fitbit devices are loaded with sensitive personal data. Breen's efforts resulted in a malicious watch face, which he was then able to make available through the Fitbit Gallery.

Fitbit gallery can be used to distribute malicious apps
2020-10-09 09:08

A security researcher discovered that malicious apps for Fitbit devices can be uploaded to the legitimate Fitbit domain and users can install them from private links. Various mobile apps from Fitbit and its developer community are published in the official Fitbit Gallery.

Fitbit data leads to arrest of 90-year-old in stepdaughter’s murder
2018-10-08 10:02

Her device recorded her heart rate slowing rapidly, then stopping about five minutes before her stepfather left the house.

Fitbit, Google Health Data Collaboration: What Are Risks?
2018-05-01 21:03

Experts Question Whether Partnership Could Pose Privacy, Security and Safety ConcernsFitbit and Google say they are collaborating to accelerate innovation and "transform the future" of digital...

Fitbit Evidence Used in Murder Investigation (Schneier on Security)
2017-05-02 11:13

Fitbit evidence is cited in an arrest warrant, stating that the device monitored steps by the victim after the suspect claimed she died....

Fitbit Data Reveals Pregnancy (Schneier on Security)
2016-02-12 18:16

A man learned his wife was pregnant from her Fitbit data. The details of the story are weird. The man posted the data to Reddit and asked for analysis help. But the point is that the data can...

Fitbit, warranty fraud, and hijacked accounts (Help Net Security)
2016-01-07 14:36

Online account hijackings usually end up with the account owners being the main victims, but there are fraudsters out there who are more interested in ripping off companies than end users. Case in ...