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Soviet 'Enigma' cipher machine sells for $22k at collapsed museum's exhibits auction
2021-02-17 12:44

A Soviet equivalent of Nazi Germany's Enigma cipher machine has sold for more than double its auction asking price - while a secret camera disguised as a pack of cigarettes went for nearly $20,000. A Fialka M-125-3M 10-rotor cipher code machine complete with accessories sold for $22,400 at a US auction held over the weekend, trumping the device's $8,000-$12,000 estimated sale price.

S3 Ep10: Hacking iPhones, sunken Enigmas and double scams [Podcast]
2020-12-10 14:40

In this episode, we dig into research that figured out a way to steal data from iPhones wirelessly; we tell the fascinating story of how environmentalist divers in Germany came across an old Enigma cipher machine at the bottom of the Baltic sea; and we give you advice on how to talk to phone scammers. LISTEN NOW. Click-and-drag on the soundwaves below to skip to any point in the podcast.

Divers Pull Rare Surviving WWII Enigma Cipher Machine from Bottom of the Baltic
2020-12-08 20:35

What they found instead is a treasured piece of computing history, a World War II-era German Enigma crypto machine, sunk to the bottom of the Baltic Sea to protect its precious technology from Allied forces. The development of the Enigma Cipher machine and the life-and-death race to crack its code wasn't just crucial to deciding the outcome of World War II; it ushered in the modern computing age.

German divers find Enigma crypto machine on seabed
2020-12-07 19:42

Environmental group WWF operates a tragically necessary maritime cleanup operation to find and remove so-called "Ghost nets" from the sea. A ghost net is any rogue fishing device that has got loose and carries on snagging sea creatures, including fish, sea mammals such as whales and dolphins, and even birds, in an uncontrollable way.

Enigma Machine Recovered from the Baltic Sea
2020-12-04 15:18

German divers searching the Baltic Sea for discarded fishing nets have stumbled upon a rare Enigma cipher machine used by the Nazi military during World War Two which they believe was thrown overboard from a scuttled submarine. Thinking they had discovered a typewriter entangled in a net on the seabed of Gelting Bay, underwater archaeologist Florian Huber quickly realised the historical significance of the find.

Cambridge student rebuilds Polish Enigma-code-breaking box that paved the way for Turing ... and Victory!
2020-07-15 08:01

A Cambridge post-graduate student has recreated the "Cyclometer", the decryption device devised by Polish mathematicians that informed Alan Turing's later code-breaking efforts. Turing famously devised the "Bombe", a machine that was capable of decrypting messages encoded by Nazi Germany's fiendish Enigma machines.

Enigma Machine for Sale
2020-07-14 11:17

A four-rotor Enigma machine -- with rotors -- is up for auction....

Enigma, Typex, and Bombe Simulators
2019-03-22 11:16

GCHQ has put simulators for the Enigma, Typex, and Bombe on the Internet. News article....

UK code breakers drop Bombe, Enigma and Typex simulators onto the web for all to try
2019-03-18 06:19

You have to run GCHQ code? Nice try, spy guys UK signals intelligence agency GCHQ, celebrating its centenary, has released emulators for famed World War II-era cipher machines that can be run...

Three-Rotor Enigma Machine Up for Auction Today
2018-11-30 14:07

Sotheby's is auctioning off a (working, I think) three-rotor Enigma machine today. They're expecting it to sell for about $200K. I have an Enigma, but it's without the rotors....