Security News

73% of healthcare organizations have now adopted DevOps
2021-08-04 04:00

The last year was challenging for every business sector, and none more than healthcare which was under enormous pressure to provide care while changing the way many services are delivered. According to data from a Redgate Software report, the importance of IT in enabling and facilitating that change has been key to success for the healthcare sector, with DevOps adoption, cloud use and cross-platform database development all increasing markedly.

JFrog to acquire Vdoo to expand its end-to-end DevOps platform offering
2021-06-29 22:45

JFrog has accelerated its efforts to provide security offering to support DevOps users as they respond to the disruption in the market for continuous software delivery. As part of the JFrog Platform, Vdoo will accelerate JFrog's vision of becoming the company behind all software updates and creating a world of Liquid Software by expanding its end-to-end DevOps Platform offering, providing holistic security from the development environment all the way to edges, IoT and devices.

Aqua Trivy chosen as the default scanner for GitLab Auto DevOps
2021-06-24 00:15

Aqua Security announces that Aqua Trivy is now the default scanner for GitLab Auto DevOps. "One of the primary reasons behind the default scanner change was the ease of use with Trivy compared to alternative open source scanner options," says Sam White, Sr. Product Manager at GitLab.

Bitrise Mobile DevOps platform increases the speed of a CI/CD process
2021-06-18 02:00

The company collaborated with 12 companies, including real estate market disruptor Compass, in private beta for six months to increase the speed of every continuous integration/continuous delivery process that runs on Bitrise. Bitrise selected a dozen of the world's most advanced mobile-first organizations to trial its second-generation platform before releasing it widely.

KubeSphere 3.1.0: Enabling DevOps teams to run Kubernetes workloads where and when they want
2021-05-28 00:30

KubeSphere Community announced the general availability of KubeSphere 3.1.0. KubeSphere, as an app-centric distributed operating system running on top of Kubernetes, has further expanded its portfolio to deliver more robust experiences for users across the globe, enabling DevOps teams to run Kubernetes workloads where and when they want with ease and security.

DevOps didn’t kill WAF, because WAF will never truly die
2021-05-14 05:15

You can only get rid of WAF if you fully implement security into your development process and audit the process via code reviews and annual tests. DevSecOps can't be realistically implemented for all web apps in the enterprise environment, so WAF will stick around because it still has a job to do.

DevOps Security Startup Cycode Raises $20 Million
2021-05-11 18:12

Cycode, an Israeli startup focused on securing DevOps tools, today announced that it has raised $20 million in Series A funding, which brings the total capital raised by the company up to $25 million. Founded in 2019, the Tel Aviv-based Cycode aims to provide visibility into source code, as well as the necessary means to detect anomalies and respond to them.

DevOps is getting code released faster than ever. But security is lagging behind
2021-05-07 12:34

DevSecOps tools are enabling developers to release new code faster than ever - yet testing, code review and disagreements over who is in charge of security remain sticking points within organizational teams, according to GitLab's latest industry survey. Just over 84% of developers reported they were releasing code faster than before, with 57% reporting that code was being released twice as fast - a significant jump from last year's 35%. Nearly one in five said code was going out the door 10x faster.

Splunk Observability Cloud helps IT and DevOps teams conquer complexity at any scale
2021-05-07 02:00

With the Splunk Observability Cloud, IT and DevOps teams can get all their answers in a unified interface with metrics, traces and logs - all data collected in real-time, without sampling and at any scale. "The Splunk Observability Cloud helps IT and DevOps teams conquer complexity and accelerate cloud transformation for their organizations."

Amazon DevOps Guru: ML-powered cloud operations service to improve application availability
2021-05-05 07:12

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of Amazon DevOps Guru, a fully managed operations service that uses machine learning to make it easier for developers to improve application availability by automatically detecting operational issues and recommending specific actions for remediation. When Amazon DevOps Guru analyzes system and application data to automatically detect anomalies, it also groups this data into operational insights that include anomalous metrics, visualizations of application behavior over time, and recommendations on actions for remediation-all easily viewable in the Amazon DevOps Guru console.