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Business top brass are terrified their companies will simply be collateral damage in a future cyber-war
2020-09-30 21:11

Businesses are worrying about being caught in the crossfire of cyber warfare, according to research from Bitdefender - while industry figures warn that the gap between common-or-garden cyber threats and "Oh, look what nation states are doing" is becoming ever smaller. Bitdefender's latest report, titled 10 in 10, surveyed around 6,000 C-suite bods responsible for cyber security and found [PDF] "Over a fifth" of these said that cyber warfare was one of the most challenging topics they had to convince their colleagues to take seriously.

Report: CIA runs secret cyberwar with little oversight after Trump gave the OK, say US government officials
2020-07-16 01:58

The CIA is running a secret cyberwar including Russian-style hack-and-leak operations with little or no oversight, US officials have warned. The approval for the operations stems from a National Security Presidential Memorandum signed in 2018 by President Trump which has long been known about but the contents of which remain top secret.

Review: Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections
2020-05-19 05:00

Kill Chain is an HBO documentary made and produced by Simon Arizzone, Russell Michaels and Sarah Teale. Arizzone and Michaels already worked on a documentary in 2006 called Hacking Democracy, which was about uncovering voting machines vulnerabilities and about how votes were manipulated, leading to George W. Bush winning the elections.

88% of IT pros say world is in permanent state of cyberwar
2020-03-16 18:20

"The sophisticated cyberattacks that are the hallmark of nation state attacks often target digital keys and certificates that serve as machine identities." Over the last decade, there have been dozens of devastating attacks on government systems and infrastructure by militaries, with the severity and impact increasing as the years go by.

France Outlines Its Approach to Cyberwar
2019-09-23 10:59

In a document published earlier this month (in French), France described the legal framework in which it will conduct cyberwar operations. Lukasz Olejnik explains what it means, and it's worth reading....

Cyberwar risk: Utilities fail to patch critical security vulnerabilities often enough
2019-07-02 14:48

The potential risks associated with compromised systems are severe. Given the prospects of a potential cyberwar, utilities should place a greater emphasis on security.

Les Hackers, en garde! 'Cyber war has begun', France will hack first, its defence sec declares
2019-01-22 20:12

No plans to surrender... and we're starting a military bug bounty scheme, added Parly FIC2019 France’s defence secretary Florence Parly today declared “Cyber war has begun.”…

The United States and China - A Different Kind of Cyberwar
2019-01-07 12:59

China is Conducting a Low and Slow Cyberwar, Attempting to Stay Under the Radar and Maneuver the Global Economy read more

U.S. Takes Off the Gloves in Global Cyber Wars: Top Oficials
2018-09-21 01:57

The United States is taking off the gloves in the growing, shadowy cyber war waged with China, Russia and other rivals, a top White House official said Thursday. read more