Security News

The metaverse faces more than 8 potential cyberthreats
2022-08-08 12:00

The metaverse faces more than 8 potential cyberthreats. "Metaverse publishers will control all aspects of their meta spaces, collect vast amounts of user data, and monetize the collected data. Even if there are open-source metaverse worlds that users can host, the publisher who hosts them will still be able to collect and monetize user data." Given the unprecedented visibility into user actions, Trend Micro anticipates privacy issues such as data sovereignty will become a major concern in the metaverse.

COVID bounce: A massive 2021 resurgence of cyberthreats
2022-03-29 08:15

2021 was marked by a massive resurgence of cyberthreats, with a 77% increase in malware detection over 2020, a Malwarebytes' research revealed. Business-focused cyberthreats reached 143%, while consumer-specific threats rose by 65% to more than 152 million in 2021.

Employees think they’re safe from cyberthreats on company devices
2021-12-14 05:30

A research launched by Menlo Security reveals increased cybersecurity risks posed to employees and organizations during the 2021 holiday shopping season. There are now more threats to corporate devices and networks than ever as hybrid work models blur the boundaries between work and home.

US Acting to Better Protect Infrastructure From Cyberthreats
2021-07-28 17:40

The Biden administration is taking steps to harden cybersecurity defenses for critical infrastructure, announcing on Wednesday the development of performance goals and a voluntary public-private partnership to protect core sectors. The actions, outlined in an order from President Joe Biden, are an acknowledgment of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of critical industries - a reality made clear by the May hack of the nation's largest pipeline, which delivers about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast.

Google Cloud’s zero trust offerings help U.S. government organizations guard against cyberthreats
2021-07-21 01:15

Google Cloud today announced new zero trust offerings for government, a set of services to help U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations implement zero trust architecture in accordance with the Biden Administration's Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity and in alignment with National Institute of Standards and Technology standards. Zero Trust Assessment and Planning offering: Delivered through Google Cloud's professional services organization, the Zero Trust Assessment and Planning offering is designed to help the government reach security goals through zero trust architecture planning for core applications and data.

Tier 1 communications group chooses Allot to protect their customers from cyberthreats
2021-07-11 23:30

Allot announced that a Tier 1 communications group headquartered in Europe, with operating units in the EU and North America, has signed an agreement with Allot to enable their operating units to offer cybersecurity services to their consumer and small and medium-sized business customers based on Allot's HomeSecure, BusinessSecure, and an endpoint security application. The engagement between Allot and the group is based on a recurring monthly fee derived from the actual number of subscribers using the cyber security solution.

Avast Business Hub protects critical data and fights cyberthreats from one unified solution
2021-05-20 01:00

Avast announces the official launch of Avast Business Hub, a new security platform designed to streamline how Avast's channel partners, managed security service providers, and business customers manage their cybersecurity solutions. Avast Business Hub consolidates a number of critical security and availability capabilities for SMBs. It consolidates endpoint protection, patch management, backup and recovery, and remote access and support solutions into an integrated security platform that enables organizations to easily manage and protect their devices, applications, data, and networks.

US Government Taking Creative Steps to Counter Cyberthreats
2021-04-29 01:39

An FBI operation that gave law enforcement remote access to hundreds of computers to counter a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software is a tool that is likely to be deployed "Judiciously" in the future as the Justice Department, aware of privacy concerns, develops a framework for its use, a top national security official said Wednesday. Many victims took steps on their own to safeguard their systems, but for those that who did not, the Justice Department stepped in to do it for them with a judge's approval.

10 tips to protect your organization and remote endpoints against cyberthreats
2021-03-30 14:21

Last year's abrupt transition to working from home shifted certain security objectives in order to protect all the new remote endpoints. Fileless malware attacks have grown in popularity largely due to their ability to evade detection by traditional endpoint protection.

Which cyberthreat should you care about most? Here’s a clue … all of them
2021-03-29 06:30

The last year has probably seen a chunk of your workforce shift to home, negating any concept of an easily defensible corporate "Perimeter" around your systems and data. Probably, have more data than ever before to worry about, as your business increasingly relies on analytics and AI. But where is that data? In a data centre? Somewhere in the cloud? On your workers' home networks and devices?