Security News

The Active Cyber Defense Bill is Back on the Table
2019-06-13 19:17

Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., is reintroducing his Active Cyber Defense Bill today. He first floated the idea in March 2017, and published an updated version in May 2017. It was then, and is now, being...

More than 120 partners commit to Symantec’s integrated cyber defense platform
2019-03-01 04:30

Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security company, announced that more than 120 companies have joined forces with Symantec to drive down the cost and complexity of cyber security, while...

Mitsubishi Electric develops cyber defense technology for connected cars
2019-01-23 02:00

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a multi-layered defense technology that protects connected vehicles from cyber attacks by strengthening their head unit’s defense capabilities. The technology...

Russian Held as Agent Studied US Groups' Cyberdefenses
2018-10-29 17:18

A year before federal prosecutors accused Maria Butina of operating as a secret agent for the Russian government, she was a graduate student at American University working on a sensitive project...

US to Let NATO Use its Cyber Defense Skills
2018-10-03 18:22

The United States is expected to make its offensive cyber warfare capabilities available to NATO, officials said Wednesday, as the alliance seeks to strengthen its defenses against Russian...

BAE Systems to develop automated cyber defense tools for DARPA
2018-08-10 20:33

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected BAE Systems to develop data-driven, cyber-hunting tools that detect and analyze cyber threats to help protect enterprise...

Corporate cyber-defense spending hits a new high
2018-06-12 11:07

A new report reveals that cybersecurity and IT spending has become a top priority for corporate boards, says TechRepublic's Laurel Deppen.

How companies with small budgets can still build a cyberdefense plan
2018-04-26 14:00

SMBs and startups don't have the same resources to spend on cybersecurity as an enterprise, but that doesn't mean they should skimp on a cyberdefense plan altogether.

UK Warns Critical Industries to Boost Cyber Defense or Face Hefty Fines
2018-01-29 15:57

The UK government has warned that Britain's most critical industries must boost their cybersecurity or face potentially hefty fines under the EU's Networks and Information Systems Directive...