Security News

Kinsing Linux Malware Deploys Crypto-Miner in Container Environments
2020-04-06 13:12

A campaign that has been ongoing for months is targeting misconfigured open Docker Daemon API ports to install a piece of malware named Kinsing, which in turn deploys a cryptocurrency miner in compromised container environments. As part of the attack, hackers abuse misconfigured Docker API ports to run an Ubuntu container hosting Kinsing.

Vollgar Campaign Targets MS-SQL Servers With Backdoors, Crypto-Miners
2020-04-02 04:15

A recently uncovered attack campaign that stayed under the radar since May 2018 has targeted Microsoft SQL servers with backdoors and crypto-miners, Guardicore Labs reveals. Attacks begin with MS-SQL brute force login attempts and continue with a series of configuration changes to allow command execution.

'Panda' Group Makes Thousands of Dollars Using RATs, Crypto-Miners
2019-09-18 06:54

A new threat actor has generated thousands of dollars in the Monero cryptocurrency using remote access tools (RATs) and illicit cryptocurrency mining malware, Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence and...

Linux Crypto-Miner Uses Kernel-Mode Rootkits for Evasion
2019-09-17 15:13

A recently discovered cryptocurrency mining malware targeting Linux machines is employing kernel-mode rootkits in an attempt to make detection more difficult, Trend Micro reveals. read more

Firefox 69 Now Blocks 3rd-Party Tracking Cookies and Cryptominers By Default
2019-09-04 09:33

Mozilla has finally enabled the "Enhanced Tracking Protection" feature for all of its web browser users worldwide by default with the official launch of Firefox 69 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and...

Norman Cryptominer Employs Sophisticated Obfuscation Tactics
2019-08-14 13:24

A new XMRig Monero cryptominer stands apart, despite its non-flashy name.

Smominru Cryptominer Scrapes Credentials for Half-Million Machines
2019-08-07 14:51

The adversaries have retooled with EternalBlue and credential theft to add a new "access mining" revenue stream.

macOS Crypto-Miner Emulates Linux
2019-06-21 14:46

New crypto-currency mining malware is targeting systems running macOS, and works by emulating Linux, Malwarebytes security researchers have discovered. read more

LoudMiner Cryptominer Uses Linux Image and Virtual Machines
2019-06-20 19:53

A Tiny Core Linux 9.0 image configured to run XMRig runs on a VM, rather than victim machines hosting the malware locally.

The cryptominer that kept coming back
2019-05-30 13:01

A Monero cryptominer made a home on an Apache Tomcat server and just wouldn't stay away.