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Colorado Passes Consumer Privacy Law
2021-07-15 11:08

First California. Then Virginia. Now Colorado. Here’s a good comparison of the three states’ laws.

Ransomware gang leaks data stolen from Colorado, Miami universities
2021-03-23 20:20

Grades and social security numbers for students at the University of Colorado and University of Miami patient data have been posted online by the Clop ransomware group. The ransomware gang then contacted the organizations and demanded $10 million in bitcoin or they would publish the stolen data.

Colorado City Pays $45,000 Ransom After Cyber-Attack
2020-08-05 15:30

Lafayette, Colorado, officials announced Tuesday the city's computer systems were hacked and they were forced to pay a ransom to regain access. Lafayette officials said hackers disabled the city's network services and blocked its access until the city paid a $45,000 fee, the Daily Camera reported.

Ransomware attack on Colorado hospital highlights fears of more healthcare hostage situations
2020-05-04 17:41

In addition to the attack on the hospital in the Czech Republic, she cited a number of healthcare cyber incidents in France, Spain and Thailand, adding that there needs to be more collaboration worldwide on protecting critical health infrastructure in times of crisis. Ransomware attacks on healthcare providers rose 350% in the fourth quarter of 2019, and Emsisoft research shows that more than 759 healthcare providers were hit with ransomware last year.

Mysterious Drones are Flying over Colorado
2020-01-02 17:02

No one knows who they belong to. (Well, of course someone knows. And my guess is that it's likely that we will know soon.)...

Ransomware at Colorado IT Provider Affects 100+ Dental Offices
2019-12-07 21:17

A Colorado company that specializes in providing IT services to dental offices suffered a ransomware attack this week that is disrupting operations for more than 100 dentistry practices,...

Colorado Agency Targeted in Nationwide Ransomware Scheme
2018-11-29 17:52

No money was paid and no information was lost during a ransomware cyberattack that exploited a cloud-based vulnerability in the Colorado Department of Transportation's computer network last...

How Colorado voting became a cybersecurity leader long before Russians tried to hack it
2018-10-24 13:16

Colorado offers extensive election official cybersecurity training, paper ballots, and a strong auditing system, giving it top marks in election security.

Homeland Security Head: Colorado Tops US in Vote Security
2018-09-07 14:00

Colorado, whose election systems are ranked among the nation's safest, held a cyber-security and disaster exercise Thursday for dozens of state, county and federal elections officials to reinforce...

Colorado's Tougher Breach Law: Healthcare Incidents Included
2018-06-11 21:48

State Law Requires Quicker Notification Than HIPAAStarting Sept. 1, organizations in Colorado must notify victims of breaches of personal information - including health data - within 30 days of...