Security News

Cisco SD-WAN Security Bug Allows Root Code Execution
2021-10-22 14:48

Cisco SD-WAN implementations are vulnerable to a high-severity privilege-escalation vulnerability in the IOS IE operating system that could allow arbitrary code execution.The bug is an OS command-injection issue, which enables attackers to execute unexpected, dangerous commands directly on the operating system that normally wouldn't be accessible.

PyPI removes 'mitmproxy2' over code execution concerns
2021-10-12 17:50

The PyPI repository has removed a Python package called 'mitmproxy2' that was an identical copy of the official "Mitmproxy" library, but with an "Artificially introduced" code execution vulnerability. Yesterday, Maximilian Hils, who is one of the developers behind the 'mitmproxy' Python library drew everyone's attention towards a counterfeit 'mitmproxy2' package uploaded to PyPI. 'mitmproxy2' is essentially "The same as regular mitmproxy but with an artificial RCE vulnerability included."

Code Execution Bug Affects Yamale Python Package — Used by Over 200 Projects
2021-10-07 04:50

A high-severity code injection vulnerability has been disclosed in 23andMe's Yamale, a schema and validator for YAML, that could be trivially exploited by adversaries to execute arbitrary Python code. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2021-38305, involves manipulating the schema file provided as input to the tool to circumvent protections and achieve code execution.

Actively exploited Apache 0-day also allows remote code execution
2021-10-06 15:29

These exploits show that the scope of the vulnerability transcends path traversal, allowing attackers remote code execution abilities. The path traversal vulnerability in Apache's HTTP server, first reported by BleepingComputer, has actively been exploited in the wild before the Apache project was notified of the flaw in September, or had a chance to patch it.

Critical Cisco Bugs Allow Code Execution on Wireless, SD-WAN
2021-09-24 14:01

Cisco is warning three critical security vulnerabilities affect its flagship IOS XE software, the operating system for most of its enterprise networking portfolio. The most severe of the critical bugs is an unauthenticated remote-code-execution and denial-of-service bug, affecting the Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of wireless controllers.

Apple warns of arbitrary code execution zero-day being actively exploited on Macs
2021-09-24 05:01

Apple has warned iPhone and Mac users that it's aware of a zero-day bug that's being actively exploited. It's a nasty flaw, as it's in the XNU kernel at the heart of Apple's operating systems including macOS and iOS. As Apple's advisory explains, that means "A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges".

Unpatched Apple Zero-Day in macOS Finder Allows Code Execution
2021-09-22 17:22

For those not in the Apple camp, the macOS Finder is the default file manager and GUI front-end used on all Macintosh operating systems. It's the first thing users see upon booting, and it governs the launching of other applications and the overall user management of files, disks and network volumes.

Netgear fixes dangerous code execution bug in multiple routers
2021-09-21 15:24

Netgear has fixed a high severity remote code execution vulnerability found in the Circle parental control service, which runs with root permissions on almost a dozen modern Small Offices/Home Offices Netgear routers. While one would expect the attack vector exposed by Circle security flaw would be removed after the service is stopped, the Circle update daemon containing the bug is enabled by default and it can be exploited even if the service is disabled.

GitHub finds 7 code execution vulnerabilities in 'tar' and npm CLI
2021-09-09 03:37

The vulnerabilities affect both Windows and Unix-based users, and if left unpatched, can be exploited by attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution on a system installing untrusted npm packages. On further review of the researchers' reports, GitHub security team found some more high-severity vulnerabilities in the aforementioned packages, affecting both Windows and Unix-based systems.

Google's TensorFlow drops YAML support due to code execution flaw
2021-09-05 07:23

TensorFlow, a popular Python-based machine learning and artificial intelligence project developed by Google has dropped support for YAML, to patch a critical code execution vulnerability. Maintainers behind both TensorFlow and Keras, a wrapper project for TensorFlow, have patched an untrusted deserialization vulnerability that stemmed from unsafe parsing of YAML. Tracked as CVE-2021-37678, the critical flaw enables attackers to execute arbitrary code when an application deserializes a Keras model provided in the YAML format.