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Bruce Schneier Proposes ‘Hacking Society’ for a Better Tomorrow
2020-02-28 20:06

Speaking at the RSA Conference 2020 on Thursday, security technologist Bruce Schneier called for a better cooperation between security experts and government policymakers. From education systems to election structures, society is built on conventional "Models" that made sense when they were first formed hundreds of years ago, said Schneier, a lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Infosec prophet Bruce Schneier (peace be upon him) is only as famous as half of Salt-N-Pepa
2019-09-11 16:07

Totally sane John McAfee up there with Walder Frey, says infosec celeb list Despite billing himself as "the world's most famous hacker", Kevin Mitnick isn't the infosec personality your grandma is...

You can easily secure America's e-voting systems tomorrow. Use paper – Bruce Schneier
2019-08-09 01:24

As it emerges non-internet-connected election systems are actually connected to the internet Black Hat While various high-tech solutions to secure electronic voting systems are being touted this...

Bruce Schneier Moves on from IBM
2019-07-02 16:36

Bruce Schneier announced in a brief blog post, "I'm leaving IBM." His three-year stint with what he calls "the nicely ambiguous title of 'Special Advisor'" ended at the end of June 2019. He gives...

Don't tell Alice and Bob: Security maven Bruce Schneier is leaving IBM
2019-07-01 15:00

Says bye to Big Blue Infosec veteran Bruce Schneier has said he'll step down as a "special advisor" to IBM's security business to, in part, focus his time on teaching the next generation of security pros.…

Q&A: Crypto-guru Bruce Schneier on teaching tech to lawmakers, plus privacy failures – and a call to techies to act
2019-03-15 23:59

'Politicians are reluctant to disrupt the enormous wealth creation machine technology has turned out to be' RSA Politicians are, by and large, clueless about technology, and it's going to be up to...

Newsmaker Interview: Bruce Schneier on Physical Cyber Threats
2019-01-02 20:03

Bruce Schneier discusses the clash between critical infrastructure and cyber threats.

Bruce Schneier: You want real IoT security? Have Uncle Sam start putting boots to asses
2018-11-09 11:22

Infosec's cool uncle says to hell with the carrot Any sort of lasting security standard in IoT devices may only happen if governments start doling out stiff penalties.…

Newsmaker Interview: Bruce Schneier on ‘Going Dark’ and the Crypto Arms Race
2018-07-16 17:38

Noted cryptographer waxes on the threats posed by physical cyber systems, 'going dark' and a crypto arms race.

Bruce Schneier on IoT Regulation (Threatpost)
2017-03-06 15:15

Bruce Schneier talks about the early days of the RSA Conference, his campaign for IoT regulation, and more.