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BlueKeep Flaw Plagues Outdated Connected Medical Devices
2020-02-19 20:29

While Microsoft issued patches for the infamous BlueKeep vulnerability almost a year ago, researchers warn that almost half of connected medical devices in hospitals run on outdated Windows versions that are still vulnerable to the remote desktop protocol flaw. Even worse, the number of connected medical devices running Windows that are vulnerable to BlueKeep is considerably higher - around 45 percent, they said.

BlueKeep freakout had little to no impact on patching, say experts
2019-11-11 22:05

Admins snoozing on patching despite reports of active attacks The flurry of reports in recent weeks of in-the-wild exploits for the Windows RDP 'BlueKeep' security flaw had little impact among...

Microsoft Warns Users: Beware of Damaging BlueKeep Attacks
2019-11-11 19:03

Software Giant Says Exploits Could Expand Beyond CryptominingNow that security researchers have located the first exploits that take advantage of the BlueKeep vulnerability in Windows, Microsoft...

Microsoft urges us to patch after partially effective BlueKeep attack
2019-11-11 15:58

Microsoft has urged people to patch their Windows systems following the appearance of mass BlueKeep exploits just over a week ago.

BlueKeep Attacks Crash Systems Due to Meltdown Patch
2019-11-11 12:09

The recent attacks exploiting the BlueKeep vulnerability to deliver cryptocurrency miners caused some systems to crash due to a Meltdown patch being deployed on the targeted machines. read more

Hate hub hacked, Cisco bugs squished, Bluekeep attacks begin, and much, much, more
2019-11-11 07:01

Plus, rConfig flaw raises alarms Roundup Time for a look at some of the other security stories making the rounds in the past week.…

Microsoft: BlueKeep Exploit Will Likely Deliver More Damaging Payloads
2019-11-08 17:14

After news broke that cybercriminals have started leveraging the BlueKeep vulnerability to deliver cryptocurrency miners, Microsoft has warned that the exploit will likely also be used to deliver...

S2 Ep16: BlueKeep, ransomware and sextortion – Naked Security Podcast
2019-11-07 15:13

BlueKeep's back, ransomware batters Spain, and yet more sextortion - listen now!

BlueKeep Attacks Have Arrived, Are Initially Underwhelming
2019-11-04 11:24

The first attacks that exploit the zero-day Windows vulnerability install cryptominers and scan for targets rather than a worm with WannaCry potential.

BlueKeep Attacks Arrive, Bearing Cryptomining Malware
2019-11-04 10:48

Exploit Isn't a Worm, but Experts Remain Braced for MayhemThe cybersecurity community had been holding its breath in anticipation of mass attacks targeting the severe BlueKeep vulnerability in...