Security News

C'mon, if you say your device is 'unhackable', you're just asking for it: Bitfi retracts edgy claim
2018-08-31 16:05

John McAfee-backed crypto-coin wallet eats humble pie Bitfi finally and reluctantly retracted its unhackable claim last night in the face of a new cold boot attack.…

Bitfi Gets Pwnies Award for 'Lamest Vendor Response'
2018-08-09 18:33

How John McAfee's Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet and Company Fell ShortHubris has a new name: Bitfi. The cryptocurrency wallet-building company, backed by technology eccentric John McAfee, earned...

‘Unhackable’ Bitfi hardware rooted within a week
2018-08-06 12:26

Getting root access and patching firmware doesn't count as successful hacking, apparently.

'Unhackable' Bitfi crypto-currency wallet maker will be shocked to find fingernails exist
2018-08-01 22:25

Backed by John McAfee so you know it's going to be A+ Pics A crypto-currency wallet heavily promoted as "unhackable" – complete with endorsements from the security industry's loopy old uncle John...