Security News

Chrome 80 encryption change blocks AZORult password stealer
2020-02-27 11:02

Evidence is emerging that a barely noticed change made to Chrome 80, released on 4 February, might have disrupted the hugely successful data and user profile stealing malware AZORult. Now, according to research by Israeli security company Kela, chatter on crime forums suggests cybercriminals believe that Chrome 80's move to encrypt locally saved passwords and cookies using AES-256 has killed the malware's attempts to steal data for good.

AZORult Campaign Adopts Novel Triple-Encryption Technique
2020-02-03 20:58

A recent wave of AZORult-laced spam caught the attention of researchers who warn that malicious attachments associated with the campaign are using a novel obfuscation technique, in an attempt to slip past spam gateways and avoid client-side antivirus detection. AZORult is remote access trojan popular on Russian forums and most recently spotted last month in a spam campaign perpetrated by a hacker with an affinity toward singer-songwriter Drake.

AZORult Variant Can Establish RDP Connections
2019-03-26 20:48

A recently observed C++ version of the AZORult data stealer includes the ability to establish a remote desktop connection compromised devices, Kaspersky Lab’s security researchers have...

Dark Web Azorult Generator Offers Free Binaries to Cybercrooks
2018-10-01 11:56

The Gazorp online builder makes it easy to start stealing passwords, credit-card information, cryptocurrency wallet data and more.

Updated AZORult Spyware Comes with Sophisticated New Techniques
2018-07-30 20:39

The researchers saw the new version in action in a large email campaign on July 18, just one day after it debuted in underground forums.