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Ashley Madison Breach Extortion Scam Targets Hundreds
2020-02-03 15:56

Nearly five years after the high-profile Ashley Madison data breach, hundreds of impacted website users are being targeted by a new extortion attack this past week. Victims are receiving emails threatening to expose their Ashley Madison accounts - along with other embarrassing data - to family and friends on social media and via email, unless they pay a Bitcoin ransom.

Ashley Madison: The Impact of Some Data Breaches Is Forever
2020-02-03 14:03

For individuals whose personal details were exposed, the impact of a data breach may last forever. Witness the 2015 data breach of extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, perpetrated by a group calling itself the Impact Team, which leaked 30 GB of data about subscribers.

Ashley Madison breach victims have more to worry about
2020-01-31 21:58

Five-year old data from the site's breach is at the center of a new cryptocurrency ransom campaign, and it may be the beginning of a new trend. According to email security vendor Vade, a new wave of emails attempting to extort money from Ashley Madison victims has appeared, and it's something they haven't seen before.

Ashley Madison: The Breach Recovery
2018-05-03 17:48

Ruby CISO Matthew Maglieri on How to Bounce Back From a High-Profile BreachThe Ashley Madison breach of 2015 quickly became one the most famous of the high-profile hacks. Three years later, CISO...

Post-Breach Affair: Ashley Madison's $11.2 Million Offer (InfoRiskToday)
2017-07-17 13:02

Proposed US Settlement Follows Massive 2015 Data Leak by 'Impact Team' HackersAshley Madison wants to put that sordid data breach affair behind it. Parent company Ruby Life has reached an $11.2...

Ashley Madison Offers $11 Million in Data Breach Settlement (Security Week)
2017-07-17 11:39

Ruby Life Inc., the owner and operator of the online adultery service Ashley Madison, has offered to pay $11.2 million to individuals affected by the 2015 data breach. read more

Ashley Madison to Pay $11.2 Million to Data Breach Victims (The Hackers News)
2017-07-17 00:22

Ashley Madison, an American most prominent dating website that helps people cheat on their spouses has been hacked, has agreed to an $11.2 Million settlement for roughly 37 million users whose...

Ashley Madison users blackmailed again (Help Net Security)
2017-04-25 18:23

Criminals are still trying to shake down users of the Ashley Madison dating/cheating online service. As you might remember, the service was hacked in 2015, and the attackers stole sensitive...