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Pwn2Own Tokyo Roundup: Amazon Echo, Routers and Smart TVs Fall to Hackers
2019-11-08 16:09

The latest edition of the bi-annual hacking contest saw creative exploits in new device categories.

News Wrap: Amazon Echo Privacy, Facebook FTC Fines and Biometrics Regulation
2019-04-26 17:57

On this week's Threatpost news wrap, the team discusses Facebook's FTC fine for its data security practices, a report that Amazon is collecting Echo users' geolocation data, and more.

Hackers manage – just – to turn Amazon Echo into listening device
2018-08-14 19:34

But it requires custom hardware, firmware and access to your Wi-Fi DEF CON Hackers have managed to hack Amazon's Echo digital assistant and effectively turn it into a listening device, albeit...

Getting an Amazon Echo app to silently eavesdrop on you
2018-04-27 12:59

Researchers make an Alexa skill that turns your Echo into a eavesdropper

Bluetooth Hack Affects 20 Million Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices
2017-11-16 00:43

Remember BlueBorne? A series of recently disclosed critical Bluetooth flaws that affect billions of Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices have now been discovered in millions of AI-based...

Amazon Echo, Google Home Vulnerable to BlueBorne Attacks
2017-11-15 16:06

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are vulnerable to attacks exploiting a series of recently disclosed Bluetooth flaws dubbed “BlueBorne.” read more

Turning an Amazon Echo into an Eavesdropping Device (Schneier on Security)
2017-08-10 18:54

For once, the real story isn't as bad as it seems. A researcher has figured out how to install malware onto an Echo that causes it to stream audio back to a remote controller, but: The technique...

Week in review: MalwareTech arrested, hacking Amazon Echo (Help Net Security)
2017-08-07 01:45

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and podcasts: US senators introduce bill to improve IoT security, protect researchers probing it The Internet of Things...

Hackers can turn Amazon Echo into a covert listening device (Help Net Security)
2017-08-01 17:53

New research released by MWR InfoSecurity reveals how attackers can compromise the Amazon Echo and turn it into a covert listening device, without affecting its overall functionality. Found to be...

Amazon Echo Could Become an Attacker's Listening Device (Security Week)
2017-08-01 12:32

The Amazon Echo is an always-listening device designed to play music, answer questions via the Alexa voice service, and control connected home devices such as WeMo, Hive and Nest. Now researchers...