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Error-bnb: Techies scramble to fix Airbnb website bug that let strangers read each others' account messages
2020-09-26 00:06

Airbnb says it has fixed a baffling bug in its website that briefly caused some of its users to be shown messages belonging to others when viewing their account inboxes. While it seemed to be Airbnb hosts publicly reporting encountering the blunder, the biz would not confirm exactly who had been hit, only saying it was "a small subset of users" who had their inboxes shown to strangers.

Airbnb Accounts Exposed to Hijacking Due to Phone Number Recycling
2020-09-23 08:35

A cybersecurity enthusiast learned recently that Airbnb accounts can be easily hijacked by creating a new account on the home-rental service with a phone number that in the past belonged to another Airbnb customer. A SecurityWeek reader named Maya contacted us recently after her husband was accidentally signed into another user's account when trying to create an Airbnb account.

Mobilestack offers managed WiFi and Security Service for Small Business and AirBNB hosts
2020-01-09 02:15

Mobilestack announces availability of managed WiFi and Security Service to solve cybersecurity and privacy risks for Small Business and AirBNB hosts. At $25 per month with one month free trial, small business and AirBNB hosts can offer Guest-WiFi to grow their business without any security risks and privacy concerns.

Huge Airbnb scam leads to promise to vet every host, every listing
2019-11-11 10:22

Shuffling people into - surprise! - cobwebby rat traps has been a snap. Actual vetting may help, plus a new guarantee of 100% refunds.

Details of an Airbnb Fraud
2019-11-06 12:19

This is a fascinating article about a bait-and-switch Airbnb fraud. The article focuses on one particular group of scammers and how they operate, using the fact that Airbnb as a company doesn't do...

News Wrap: Facebook Regulation, Verizon DBIR, Hidden Airbnb Cameras
2019-05-10 18:48

From a creepy Airbnb incident to Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report, Threatpost editors break down the top privacy and security stories for the week ended May 10.

Airbnb Superhost’s creepy spycam sniffed out by sleuthing infosec pro
2019-05-10 09:31

Why motion sensors in the bedrooms, she wondered? Why the extra light and weird wiring on the router?

Airbnb Superhost Secretly Recorded Guests with Hidden Bedroom Camera
2019-05-08 20:18

The incident is only the latest in a string of disturbing horror stories of guests finding live, recording cameras hidden in their Airbnb flats.

Airbnb host thrown in the clink after guest finds hidden camera inside Wi-Fi router
2019-05-08 07:02

Perv messed with the wrong woman – an IT security bod An Airbnb "superhost" has been arrested and jailed after a guest discovered a camera hidden inside an internet router placed in the bedroom.…