Security News

Critical Adobe Acrobat and Reader Bugs Allow RCE
2020-08-11 18:04

Adobe has plugged 11 critical security holes in Acrobat and Reader, which if exploited could allow attackers to remotely execute code or sidestep security features in the app. As part of its regularly scheduled security updates, Tuesday, Adobe fixed critical- and important-severity flaws tied to 26 CVEs - all stemming from its popular Acrobat and Reader document-management application - as well as one important-severity CVE in Adobe Lightroom, which is its image manipulation software.

Adobe Acrobat DC Gets Protected Mode on Windows
2020-06-18 08:43

Adobe this week announced that it has introduced a protected mode in Adobe Acrobat DC for Windows. The Protected Mode in Acrobat DC is aimed at ensuring addition layers of security are available for users, thus improving the protection of desktop environments from potentially malicious code.

Adobe releases more security updates, equips Adobe Acrobat DC with a sandbox
2020-06-17 11:48

A week after the June 2020 Patch Tuesday, Adobe has plugged more critical security holes in some of its well known graphic design and video and audio editing software. The company has also announced that it will be adding the Protected Mode feature to the Windows version of Adobe Acrobat DC. The security updates.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader 2015 reach end of support
2019-11-20 11:35

If you've been happily using Adobe Reader 2015 software for the last few years, you're in for a rude awakening.

Support for Adobe Acrobat, Reader 2015 Will End on April 7, 2020
2019-11-19 13:13

Adobe on Monday informed customers that support for Acrobat 2015 and Reader 2015 will end on April 7, 2020. Adobe provides up to five years of support for its products and the time is nearly up...

Update now! Adobe Acrobat and Reader have critical flaws
2019-01-07 11:12

Adobe has patched two critical flaws in Acrobat and Reader that warrant urgent attention.

Two Critical Flaws Patched in Adobe Acrobat, Reader
2019-01-03 18:46

Adobe’s first round of security updates for 2019 resolve two critical vulnerabilities in the company’s Acrobat and Reader products, but administrators should not be too concerned about the flaws...

Critical Out-of-Band Patch Issued for Adobe Acrobat Reader
2018-09-19 16:54

Overall seven flaws were patched - including one critical vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary code execution.

Update Flash (and Adobe Acrobat) now!
2018-07-11 13:12

Flash: "I've got a critical vulnerability." Acrobat: "hold my beer..."

Over 100 Vulnerabilities Patched in Adobe Acrobat, Reader
2018-07-10 16:29

Adobe on Tuesday released security updates that patch 105 vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader, two in Flash Player, three in Experience Manager, and three in Connect. read more