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BlackByte ransomware claims City of Augusta cyberattack
2023-05-26 13:27

The city of Augusta in Georgia, U.S., has confirmed that the most recent IT system outage was caused by unauthorized access to its network.

The administration has not disclosed the nature of the cyberattack but the BlackByte ransomware gang has published the City of Augusta as one of its victims.

BlackByte has posted the City of Augusta on its extortion site, claiming responsibility for the recent attack.

In February, the City of Oakland in California suffered a ransomware attack from the Play gang, forcing it to declare an emergency.

In late March, the City of Toronto, Canada was breached by the Clop ransomware gang that exploited a GoAnywhere zero-day vulnerability for initial access to the systems.

More recently, in May, the City of Dallas, Texas was attacked by the Royal ransomware group, forcing the metropolis to shut down many of its IT systems to contain the infection.

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