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Alleged BreachForums owner ‘Pompompurin’ arrested on cybercrime charges
2023-03-17 23:32

U.S. law enforcement arrested on Wednesday a New York man believed to be Pompompurin, the owner of the BreachForums hacking forum.

During the arrest, the defendant allegedly admitted that his real name was Connor Brian Fitzpatrick and that he was Pompourin, the owner of the Breach Forums cybercrime forum.

While the suspected owner of BreachForums is away, a forum admin said that the site would continue to operate in its current capacity.

Pompompurin has been a well-known player in a cybercriminal underground devoted to breaching companies and selling or leaking stolen data through forums and social media.

After the FBI seized RaidForums in 2022, Pompourin created a new forum named 'BreachForums' to fill the void.

While BreachForums became a force in cybercrime on its own, Pompompurin has also been involved in various high-profile company breaches.

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