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Overcoming unique cybersecurity challenges in schools
2022-11-25 05:00

Not only does a school district face the monumental task of educating our upcoming generations, but they must do it at the scale of a Fortune 500 enterprise with a fraction of the budget! With ransomware attacks rising, administrators must find ways to prevent their schools from becoming the next victim, while preserving the integrity of the learning process.

Unlike companies who interview and select their employees, K-12 public schools most often don't get to choose their students - they must educate everyone.

According to a recent study, 40 percent of school districts have at least 10,000 digital identities, with most users employing six or more accounts for applications.

If school districts continuously monitor all digital identities through secured privileged credentials and provide the flexibility that broad student and teacher needs dictate, the entire environment maintains a far more robust cybersecurity posture.

Too frequently the school IT leadership focuses more resources on teacher and staff-level security initiatives, but student account data is just as private and important.

Remote learning, cloud-based tools, smartphones, laptops, and countless other devices have wiped away any perimeter for schools and the sensitive information that they house.

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