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5 cybersecurity predictions for 2023
2022-11-25 04:00

The rising prevalence and sophistication of attacks targeting sensitive data will continue to plague organizations into 2023 and beyond.

Double extortion attacks, pack an even greater punch by encrypting sensitive and proprietary data, hold it for ransom, and worse, publish the data on the dark web unless organizations cough up the cash.

As the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report says: "There are now more ways for attackers to monetize data."

In response, organizations will need to look beyond conventional data protection practices toward technologies that protect data at the source, such as multifactor encryption to render files useless to threat-actors who will not be able to access the data, whether it is still inside the security perimeter or successfully exfiltrated.

Securing developer environments will become one of the most critical components to achieving optimal security for organizations in 2023.

2023 may prove to be a more volatile year for CISO's as they deal with the pressures of maintaining a ridged security posture, while also dodging the bullet of blame when attacks are successful.

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